Rubin Red
tailored to performance.

The digital commerce enabled by Rubin Red does not provide the simple solution to the stated needs of your customers: it is both a profound and natural process, focused on discovering what your customers' deepest needs are and ultimately who, thanks to you and your company's products and services, your customers want to become.

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  • Made for Business

    & Business Oriented

    Rubin Red allows you to create online sales channels in a fast, flexible and scalable way by integrating directly with all company systems.

    SEO Ready

    The platform allows you to manage the main web marketing features of the pages and contents (meta tags, url rewriting, social schema) in native and automated mode.

    Third Party
    Integration Engine

    The core of the platform is designed to collect and distribute content to and from different sources. It is, therefore, possible to use a wide range of connectors available to connect third-party platforms for marketing automation activities, connection to payment gateways, ERP systems, CRM, etc.

  • Tailored to Performance

    by design

    Its customisation with an agile approach supported in the production of the Atlassian suite allows the tracking of every single work process together with the adoption of the most modern development technologies and guarantees an enterprise-class quality standard.

    by design

    Thanks to a scalable development approach over time, Rubin Red can be configured according to current needs and evolve over time as the customer's marketing tools and business ecosystem change.


    Proven and flexible, it allows you to involve the customer in the development process and reduce the time-to-market of the project.


    The platform can be modified and evolve as project needs change without the need to wait for centralised releases or patches.

  • Full & Safe Control


    It is possible to set and define users, roles and access permissions to the individual functions of Rubin Red. The administrator can define the most appropriate access and management policies.

    Secure and
    Up to date

    As a «managed» platform, Rubin Red is not subject to attacks like the most popular Open Source platforms. Therefore, no monitoring activities and security updates or plug-ins are necessary.


    Rubin Red is an open platform for the creation and development of new generation web applications with a completely modular structure and built on the AWS Cloud using an open and open-source development framework, accelerated thanks to a wide range of AWS Developer Services and in particular Dynamo DB, which thanks to the MVC architectural pattern, guarantees high standards of safety, speed and flexibility.

  • Customizable & Collaborative


    Extensions can be customised vertically according to the specific needs of the project. Rubin Red's MVC architecture allows you to create digital experiences without structural constraints of information architecture, layout and user experience.

    Easy Editor

    Rubin Red allows you to simplify and optimise the management of web content even by non-technical personnel. Using the platform does not require the editors to have specialised skills, making the team immediately productive.

    Unique Media
    Content Management

    The media library is designed to collect and organise all multimedia content. The editor can load and manage the multimedia content once and associate/distribute it in the various modules, increasing efficiency and consistency.

    Cross site
    device delivery

    The various content is managed through a single platform and distributed on different sites, social networks, devices, offering a range of responsive layouts or device-dedicated layouts.

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