Tailored to performance

RubinRed® is a Digital Experience Manager (DXM)

RubinRed® is a Digital Experience Manager (DXM) that simplifies content management and marketing issues, delivers an extraordinary digital experience to its users. The platform core is a highly personalized content management panel tailored to the specific needs of the client. Marketing managers are empowered with complete ownership of digital data, delivering a superior omnichannel digital experience to their clients.
It is the result of Workup's experience in over 20 years of activity.

Quality by design

The use of the Atlassian® suite in the production process allows tracking of every single work process together with the adoption of the most modern development technologies and guarantees a high quality standard.

High quality development

Modularity by design

Development is scalable over time. RubinRed® can be configured to meet current needs and evolve over time in changing customer marketing initiatives and business opportunities.

The platform has a proprietary marketplace that offers a comprehensive list of extensions that allow you to develop your own customized project and evolve over time. You can create new extensions to integrate specific features.

Just what you need

Agile development

The development and management of the platform through Agile methodology enables you to involve the client in the development process, the frequent and regular release of new updates (which can stimulate continuous interest for the visitor), reduces time-to-market and obtains a more correct and realistic project planning designed to reduce project time and cost.

On budget, On time and On value

Independent evolution

The platform can be modified and can evolve depending on project requirements without waiting for centralized releases or patches. RubinRed® is a custom-made product. This results in a complete control and know-how that guarantees fast development and no evolutionary impediment.

Freedom of thought, Freedom of develop

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Over 20 years of passion and experience in digital project development and web marketing strategies.