Full & safe control

RubinRed® is a Digital Experience Manager (DXM)

RubinRed® is a Digital Experience Manager (DXM) that simplifies content management and marketing issues, delivers an extraordinary digital experience to its users. The platform core is a highly personalized content management panel tailored to the specific needs of the client. Marketing managers are empowered with complete ownership of digital data, delivering a superior omnichannel digital experience to their clients.
It is the result of Workup's experience in over 20 years of activity.

Access management

You can set up and define users, roles, and access permissions for each RubinRed® feature. The administrator can, in real time, enable or disable individual user access and define the most appropriate policies.

Full access control

Secure and up to date

RubinRed® is a proprietary software: it does not suffer from attacks that are typical for the most widely used open source platform. Therefore no monitoring or security updates or plugins are required.

Thoughtless security

Advanced platform

RubinRed® is a cloud-based platform for the creation and development of new generation web applications.

It has been designed with a completely modular structure and made using Laravel (the most modern PHP open-source development framework) that, thanks to the MVC architectural pattern, guarantees high standards of security, speed and flexibility.

The marketplace, proprietary and dedicated, also offers numerous extensions, customization and deployment updates.

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Over 20 years of passion and experience in digital project development and web marketing strategies.