Customizable & collaborative

RubinRed® is a Digital Experience Manager (DXM)

RubinRed® is a Digital Experience Manager (DXM) that simplifies content management and marketing issues, delivers an extraordinary digital experience to its users. The platform core is a highly personalized content management panel tailored to the specific needs of the client. Marketing managers are empowered with complete ownership of digital data, delivering a superior omnichannel digital experience to their clients.
It is the result of Workup's experience in over 20 years of activity.

Fully customizable

Le estensioni possono essere personalizzate verticalmente in base alle esigenze specifiche di progetto. L’architettura MVC di RubinRed® permette di creare esperienze digitali senza vincoli strutturali di layout e di architettura delle informazioni.

You can always get what you want

Easy editor experience

To simplify, optimize, and speed up web content management. The use of the platform does not require technical skills.

No Web Master required

Unique media content management

The media library is designed to collect and organize all the multimedia content used in the DXM. The editor can upload and manage multimedia content whether it's an image or a document and associate/ distribute it in the various forms provided.

No media overhead

Cross site device delivery

Content can be managed across a single platform and distributed to different sites, social media, devices (responsive layouts or device dedicated layouts).

Create once, publish everywhere

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Over 20 years of passion and experience in digital project development and web marketing strategies.